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Green Party decision to stand aside in Cheltenham is 'major boost for Remain cause'

Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidate for Cheltenham Max Wilkinson has welcomed the Green Party’s decision not to stand for election in the constituency as a “major boost for the Remain cause”.


Cheltenham Green Party announced today that they would stand aside to increase the chances of a Remain-supporting MP being elected.
Max paid tribute to the Green Party for “putting the future of the country before party politics” and pledged to repay the faith shown to the Lib Dems by fighting to deliver on both parties’ missions to stop Brexit and tackle the climate emergency.
He said: “This is a major boost for the Remain cause and I would like to thank the Green Party for putting the future of the country before party politics.
“This gives Cheltenham the best chance of sending a Remain-supporting MP to parliament - but also one who is committed to tackling the climate emergency.
“Boris Johnson’s Conservative candidate for Cheltenham is committed to the government’s disastrous pursuit of a hard Brexit and the record shows he has consistently voted against green initiatives in parliament.
“As Cheltenham’s MP, I will fight hard to keep our country in the EU and deliver on our pledges on the environment too.
“The Lib Dems have pledged to invest £15billion over the next parliament insulating homes to tackle climate change and will double solar and wind power by 2030.
“As always, I’m keen to work with people on local plans to tackle the climate emergency and I hope to continue in this way as an MP.”
Last month, the Lib Dem-run administration on Cheltenham Borough Council passed a report outlining its plan to make the town carbon neutral by 2030.

The report followed the declaration of a climate emergency by the council earlier this year.

Max, who is also a councillor for Oakley ward, received unanimous backing for a motion to declare the climate emergency in February.

He held a public meeting at the Municipal Offices on the Promenade in August inviting the local community to contribute their ideas to the council report.

In contrast, since his election in 2015, Mr Chalk has voted in parliament to cut support for renewable energies, increase tax on green initiatives and even to enable fracking.

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