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Delay to faster Cheltenham-London services a signal of more Tory rail failures

Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidate for Cheltenham Max Wilkinson has pointed to more failures by the Tory government after a delay to the introduction of a new hourly service to London.


It is understood that the new service might be introduced in May 2019 – a delay caused by the chaotic DfT timetable changes introduced elsewhere earlier this year.

The new service would have delivered quicker journey times, reducing the need for local commuters to driving to Swindon to get to the capital in quicker time.

Max said: “Cheltenham’s rail links are really important for the town, but the Tory government is failing to deliver on the much-needed improvements we need.

“The hourly service to London would have brought better connectivity for business and leisure travellers, but the Tories in charge of the Department for Transport have let us down yet again.

“Locally, we had come up with an excellent scheme to improve our railway links, which would have delivered the station improvements and services we need, including a new platform, extra car parking and a new ticket office, but this was scaled back to the bare minimum by the government.

“This is yet more evidence of the chaotic approach the Tory government takes to public services.

“What’s worse, whether it’s the railway disappointments, cuts to schools budgets or failure to reintroduce full A&E in Cheltenham, our local MP offers distractions, excuses and spin rather than positive change.”

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