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Superdry co-founder Julian Dunkerton backs Max to become Cheltenham’s next MP

Lib Dem parliamentary candidate for Cheltenham Max Wilkinson has won the backing of world-renowned businessman Julian Dunkerton.


The Superdry co-founder, who employs 650 staff at the company’s Cheltenham headquarters, pledged his support for Max in next month’s general election.

On Tuesday, Mr Dunkerton invited Max for a tour of Dunkertons Cider, an organic and plastic free cidery he owns in Charlton Kings.

Speaking during the visit, he said: “I implore the people of Cheltenham to get out and vote for Max Wilkinson at next month’s election.

“Brexit will mean complete and utter ruin for this country. The Conservatives and Labour have become extreme parties and will wreck the economy if they get into power.

“The Liberal Democrats are now the only voice of reason and moderation in British politics.

“Max understands instinctively how important it is to Cheltenham and the rest of the nation that we remain a part of the world’s biggest trading bloc.

“It is now or never if we are going to stop Brexit and save this country from economic ruin. A vote for Max Wilkinson gives us a fighting chance.”

Mr Dunkerton, a staunch Remainer, donated £1million to the People’s Vote campaign last year.

He believes the success of his global Superdry clothing brand, which started as a market stall in Cheltenham in the 1980s, could not have been achieved if Britain had been outside the EU at the time.

Mr Dunkerton has since gone on to set up and run The Lucky Onion group of restaurants and boutique hotels, including No. 131 and The Tavern in Cheltenham town centre.

Reacting to Mr Dunkerton’s support, Max said: “It was a pleasure to meet with Julian and have the privilege of a guided tour of the organic cidery from the owner himself.

“Everyone knows how successful Julian has been in business and what he has done for the local economy here in Cheltenham, so I’m very pleased to have won his support.

“We both believe passionately that our country has wasted the last three years since the referendum and it is time to stop Brexit and rebuild our international partnerships in Europe.”

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