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Max standing up for hundreds of EU nationals in Cheltenham left in legal limbo

Max is standing up for the hundreds of EU nationals living in Cheltenham that haven't been offered permanent residency in the UK.

Max has accused the government of leaving local families from the EU in “legal limbo” and throwing people’s lives into uncertainty.

Official figures revealed that of the 3.050 EU nationals across Cheltenham who have applied for permanent residency, only 1,700 have been offered settled status. 800 have been granted pre-settled status, which only gives the temporary right to stay in the UK.

Another 540 EU nationals living in Cheltenham have applied for permanent residency but are still waiting for a final decision to be made.

360 of the applications for settled status in Cheltenham were for children, i.e. those under 18.

Liberal Democrat candidate for Cheltenham, Max Wilkinson commented:

“Too many EU nationals in Cheltenham are deeply anxious about their right to stay. Many of them fill vital roles in our health service and our schools. It’s disgraceful for the Conservative government to leave them in legal limbo like this.

“Families and children must not be made to live under a cloud of uncertainty any longer.

“The Liberal Democrats will stop Brexit, protect the rights of EU citizens and build a brighter future for our country.”

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