We demand better than Tory health downgrades

Liberal Democrats are demanding better after NHS bosses revealed proposals for another downgrade of Cheltenham General Hospital.

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Max says "thank you" to the First World War generation at Liberal Democrat party conference

The Royal British Legion has launched a movement to say ‘Thank You’ to all who served, sacrificed, and changed our world during the First World War. This year is the centenary of the end of the First World War and the charity is calling on mass involvement from the public to recognise the legacy left to us by the entire First World War generation.  


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Max welcomes Lib Dem plans to cut taxes for Cheltenham businesses by eight per cent

The Liberal Democrats have published a comprehensive blueprint for replacing the broken business rates system, cutting taxes for businesses by eight per cent in Cheltenham.


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Our schools need proper funding, not Tory spin

As somebody who attended a failing school in a tough catchment area during the mid-1990s, I know what it can be like to learn in a difficult environment.


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Tory MP’s charity visits won’t right the wrongs of his callous voting record

Liberal Democrat parliamentary spokesperson for Cheltenham Max Wilkinson has urged the town’s Tory MP to take responsibility for his callous voting record instead of visiting local charities looking sad.


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What should Cheltenham be like in 2050?

The following text is a copy of my submission to the Gloucestershire 2050 consultation.


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Delay to faster Cheltenham-London services a signal of more Tory rail failures

Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidate for Cheltenham Max Wilkinson has pointed to more failures by the Tory government after a delay to the introduction of a new hourly service to London.


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Let’s help young people and families by investing in homes

You wouldn’t know it if you looked around the town centre on a regular weekday, but Cheltenham is suffering a housing crisis. Rents are high and the average house costs around 10 times the average wage.



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2050 Vision doomed to failure unless it involves young people, says Max

The Gloucestershire 2050 Vision project will be doomed to fail unless those in charge of the consultation do more to involve young people, according to the Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidate for Cheltenham.


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Triple railway blow for Cheltenham people as government adds insult to injury

Max Wilkinson reacts to the news that the Cheltenham Spa railway station scheme has been scaled-back for a second time, that the scheme is delayed and that the DfT railway franchise consultation will not come to the town.


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